Friday, 29 June 2012

Time to rethink my Business , my life , my world

I'd like to tell you about my dreams please- for as long as I can remember Ive been creative . About 7 years ago I started an online craft business , this quickly lead to me opening a small high street shop . I always dreamt that it would steadily grow and become like the other biggest craft shop in England selling a huge array of crafting products. At the same time I was doing a couple of online courses, they suggested that I read "Authentic " by neil crofts.

Then recently, due to unforseen circumstances I had to shut up shop and move everything back home and start again promoting and building the online side of the business .

Suddenly I have the world and my future at my feet and all the things I had read about in "Authentic" I now have chance to put into action.

My dreams have now changed quite dramatically - I no longer think that a lot of what I use or stock fits into my ethical beliefs and am now researching into uk produced products , that are eco friendly . I have always been a recycler & reusers for many years although now its termed as " upcycling " . so I am looking at ways in which I can produce art ect using either reclaimed items and eco friendly products - eg recyled papers and card , enviromentally friendly glues ect . I also have a large garden thats mainly a wildlife garden at the moment ( over grown!! lol ) so I'm cosidering making a green house from used plastic drinks bottles so that I can produce home grown plants and veg to sell locally . maybe even rescue a few battery chickens ! ... I love to share my talents to so maybe start workshop and kids clubs using old household items - this list is literally endless of what I can do .

My biggest challenge is time management . most days I can get up with all good intentions then something else comes along and I often dont get round to doing what i had planed, or I have a mad idea about something else and off I go on a tangent . Then there is the innner voice always telling me I'm not good enough , or what if i make all these things and nobody likes them or wants to buy them , so then I fear failing so often wont even start a project that ive dreamt about for ages.
But I'm glad to say with help and support from family and friends, and my own self determination - things are starting to change !