Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Taking Time to Reflect

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic, but finally the stock is almost all organised.
Just trying to arrange insurance now that will cover everything I need !
The trouble is, now I have time to reflect on my position, its throwing up all sorts of un expected questions.

Firstly -  I now have the time to spend with the children that I was missing while I was at the shop - but can I afford to be a stay at home mum at this moment in time ?

2 - How will I ensure my customers from the shop find me and visit me at home ?

3 - My garden isnt the best kept in the street, so how will customers react to that if they visit me at home ?

4 - I have so many ideas for my Craftyhobbies business, with lots of potential -  but where do I start ?

5 - I can see what items I sell most of online - But can I be brave & sacrafice some categories so I can target those areas when I havent fully established my webites online presence yet ?

6 - I want to get back to being creative again for my self and am hoping to join the volunteers at the next Royal Opera project - I also know that I could use this in many ways to boost my business - but where will I find the time to work on both ?

 7-  Do I want to continue with my craftyhobbies website at all -  I know it will be a long and up hill battle, with little or no gains to begin with ?

8. What are your thought or suggestions please ?


Grace Marshall said...

Hi Jane, some great questions here. How did your customers find you before? Where else do they tend to 'hang out'? Could you perhaps do a big launch event - either physically at your house or virtually online and use that as a way of getting some publicity out there? As for the garden being a bit wild - I would be upfront about it in a positive way! Be you, authentic! I did this recently in my About me page - see what you think

Craftyhobbies said...

thanks Grace - I will have a think about that and let you know how I get on .