Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Trying to Decide

Now I am at home full time I'm trying to descide what I want to do with my life and where I want to be .
The trouble is being at home is opening up so many more possibilities that I just dont know where to start.
1. Do I want to continue with craftyhobbies
2. Does craftyhobbies fit in with my ethical beliefs as it stands as a buisness now ?
3. How could I make craftyhobbies something unique ?
4. Would it benefit me to find another path or return to work so crafting is again enjoyable as just my hobby ?
So I have taken a leap and signed up to be a tester for a new " live changing " course thats being developed by Erica Douglas. Its already got me thinking more deaply about all my questions above and I'm only on lesson 3 .
Then I signed up for a course with  Grace Marshall called 40 days of baby steps. After my 20 minute brainstorming call with Grace last night I was raring to go.
For the first time ever I had a real plan in black and white - even if it was only for the next few days I know what I'm doing and when.
I come to the realsiation that although I try to be organized I try to squeeze far to much into each day, with no real time for myself or time to be creative .
So my plan is
Today - sort and reorganize all these boxes - so the large table underneath can be used for sorting stock into kits and for packaging orders
Also count how many boxes of stock I have left so I can keep track of how much is selling in my

Then on Thursday I'm taking a whole day for time to make a comissioned bag that a friend has ordered .
Then on Friday I'm taking an actual day off to spend doing something fun with the kids

So my thoughts for the day are that its better to look at the tasks I have, break them down and work out a plan in advance. So for me I know what I am doing and when !

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