Monday, 18 March 2013

Taking my first creative steps

My baby steps last week started with a proof reading of a book about about a craft I had not heard of called smash books.  The wording was simple and read almost like a diary or blog post, and the projects were very creative and inspiring . I could see that I had the potential to do these kind of things if only I could focus and started doing projects for myself and not to please anyone else.
So I started  to create a commissioned bag from a pair of jeans and a top that the customer had given me to play with, while posting pics and comments on my face book page along the way.  I also got out my crochet hook out and  started to teach myself the basic stitches but using a pattern - so far I've made two flowers for a scarf and started a basic blanket. I also took a few items I had made to a friends for some feedback and sold a recycled t-shirt picture, a pin cushion and have 2 orders for special cards.
The best thing about this was taking time out for me to do something I enjoy, without feeling guilty that I wasn't working.
I noticed that when I set my mind to do something and plan in advance, taking it one step at a time I can achieve these tasks.  It's also taught me that starting a creative project early in the day or early in the set time scale, gives me a chance to experiment and enjoy it without being stressed about meeting the deadline because I've left it until the last minute.
I realized that I dont need to have constant reassurance or approval from anyone to enjoy being creative and that if I just get on and do it, with a little more time and research I could potentially find a market for my creations and make a living from them too.
So this week the baby steps I am committing to are - getting organized and selling more of the stock,
so I can make space for a permanent studio / sewing room . 
making time everyday to do something creative
write a catalog wish list for John Lewis in my next blog post
Plus take steps to build my own self esteem by helping my friend test a course she would like to start to run for mums !

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