Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Throwing away the schedule

On Friday disaster stuck as the power cable broke for my laptop !  What was I to do with no other proper way of working online ? Well I turned this into an experiment. I even turned off the internet on my phone to see if  I was more or less productive when I'm not continually checking in online.
The first day was awful - I was pacing up and down , worrying about organizing a courier for a collection , worrying about my customers trying to contact me , worrying about how I could continue my business, worrying about how I would write the book revue and the catalogue wish list that I had promised 2 clients. Then I stopped and took a step back, just for a minute to re access the situation - I realized I had lots to do away from the computer it just wasn't all connected to the business.
So I took the time to have a major tidy up around the house and especially the kitchen - where lots of work had been over taking the dinning table for weeks. We could finally have family meal times again which I was badly missing. It also made me feel refreshed, it uncluttered my space and in a funny way started to un clutter my head.
So in gusto on Saturday me and the youngest daughter started to un clutter her bed room. Giving her and her sister more space and also gaving us some un interrupted one to one time, where we talked about so much and re connected. The rest of the afternoon I spent sorting through more of my clutter -  my craft magazines and books that I no longer wanted or needed. In the process of flicking through pages it filled my head with inspiration, new ideas and future projects.
Sunday being Mothersday was already a planned day off for me so I could forget about work for the day.
You don't know how excited I was when I received a new spade, recycled seed pots and tray  and peat free compost and seeds. It made me remember why we had invested in a house with a huge garden - and the fact that being a work from home mum means I can now dedicate some time to creating my recycled cottage garden with fresh fruit, veg and herbs, a bigger fish pond and maybe even some chickens. While all the time I can spend time with my children encourage them to be part of a greener way of life and encourage wild life to thrive too . Something I think we all take for granted a little too much some times !

All the business side of things worked out in the end too - I borrowed my mums computer to print courier label and post a brief honest note on my face book page about the laptop cable.
So all in all a very productive weekend !


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